10 Jan 2015

Sounds of the Goddess

To Leave is a game of hard challenges and surprises, each level is an experience connected directly with the human being, and a part that reinforce that experience is the audio. We evolve from the typical loops with conventional music and sounds, to the possibility of making our own sounds from its atomic structure, that´s like feeling like a God, isn't it? :D It feels almost indescribable pleasure when the ambience sounds are created and

Showing “To Leave” in a college career promotion event in Centro de Covenciones de Guayaquil.

We are very pleased because of the acceptance we had in Centro de Convenciones, hundreds of boys and girls from high schools in the city tested our game and were impressed by the art, sound environment and gameplay including the fact that a multidisciplinary team like ours is developing something so great in the country.