Hello everyone! Today I will tell you about the day I felt Like Harm.

So it was Saturday and still a lot of the planned work for the week was still to be done, so some of the guys and I agreed to come to the office on Sunday and finish it. I thought it was a great idea to come riding my bike, you know, Sunday and all, I’ll get some exercise, it should be fun.

Then I went home and planned my route, I knew there was a road that starts near home and goes through two somewhat big hills that was perfect for my kind of bike, so I searched how to get there, checked the distance and everything seemed to be okay.

The next day I went to find the road and it took me 30 minutes just to cross the big avenue in front of my house… and of course the road was closed, so I figured, what the hell, I’m already here, I really don’t want to go back, so I’m taking the road that cars and trucks take. It has No bike lane. Bad Idea.

Then, when I was in the middle of the traffic with the cars swooshing right next to me I told myself: Hey, I’ve felt this before, this is what the Hectic City feels like! and those people! They are trying to get me! Somehow avoiding all this cars and more cars made me feel like I was playing To Leave in my own skin, that was when I had a sudden realization: If something hits me, I’m dead.

Well, if you ignore the facts that I wasn’t actually trying to leave, but to get to work, and that I wouldn’t respawn anywhere but a in hospital (or maybe will not respawn at all), I could say that in between frights I felt kind of happy because now I know how Harm must feel, clinging to his Door trying to escape and avoid all these things that can/want/will kill him. I can even say that I respect Harm much more.

This is the experience that has made me think the most about how our lives can affect the things we create, and also the importance of trying new experiences every time we have the chance, and although it is very valid and most surely correct if someone says that what I did was very stupid, in the end I think that it made me grow as a game developer.

Oh yeah, I almost died like ten times. On my defense, two of those times were not my fault.


  • Yatto

    “I can even say that I respect Harm much more.” I don’t think that it’s a common sense in artistic creation (whatever it is), sadly, and understanding the way characters are feeling is very promising for the final production, but please, try to avoid these kind of threat, it will not lead to your “good ending” in my opinion…

    • Javier

      Thanks for the advice Yatto 😀 . As I said in the post, it was something very stupid that I did, and actually never did again. But, all that I can promise you is that I’m not jumping off a building with a door, maybe. Just kidding 😉 . Cheers.

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