1 Apr 2015

To Leave’s environments: From Concept to Game

Within Freaky Creations they have decided to share a bit the process that the team has followed so far, and still does, to create a videogame like To Leave. During the following weeks we’ll leave aside public events and personal experiences to focus exclusively in their work. How they take the music from the recording studio to the game? How a concept becomes an in-game experience? And how all this is regulated by their philosophy,

22 Jan 2015

Taking it for granted

A bunch of things are surrounding my mind right now, but there is always something that keeps coming up. It mostly comes up by other people asking me, what happens after To Leave? I think we usually take this answer for granted.

19 Dec 2013

Using Object Pools in Unity3D: Why and how. (kind of).

Hello Freaky Readers! My name is Javier Ron. I am the graphics and interface programmer here at Freaky Creations. I will tell you a tale; but not just some tale, it's a progamming tale, it's a tale about a game programming team that did not use something called "Object Pools", and it goes like this: Their game was running very slowly and they died. The end.