Freaky Creations and Its Very First E3!

Hello everyone! Javier here! Please, there's no need to hide it, I know you've missed me. No?... Not a bit?... But... But... Ok, ok, I won't bore you this time with programming nonsense. This time I will bore  you with something else! The very first presence of Freaky Creations on the E3! As developers showing our game! OMG! For those of you who don't know (Hi mom!) the E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo is a yearly videogame event. Publishers and developers and

Showing “To Leave” in a college career promotion event in Centro de Covenciones de Guayaquil.

We are very pleased because of the acceptance we had in Centro de Convenciones, hundreds of boys and girls from high schools in the city tested our game and were impressed by the art, sound environment and gameplay including the fact that a multidisciplinary team like ours is developing something so great in the country.