15 Apr 2015

To Leave’s animations: the performance

Hello folks, we are going to continue talking about the work the Freaky team does, but today we are focusing on the animations inside To Leave. For those who have tested the game recently, you could’ve noticed how sometimes a scene with so many little animated objects in-game can run so smooth on PS Vita, well, it wasn’t so easy. It took learning some basic guidelines about how animations work, 3D animations, 2D animations, understanding

10 Jan 2015

Sounds of the Goddess

To Leave is a game of hard challenges and surprises, each level is an experience connected directly with the human being, and a part that reinforce that experience is the audio. We evolve from the typical loops with conventional music and sounds, to the possibility of making our own sounds from its atomic structure, that´s like feeling like a God, isn't it? :D It feels almost indescribable pleasure when the ambience sounds are created and

Freaky Creations and Its Very First E3!

Hello everyone! Javier here! Please, there's no need to hide it, I know you've missed me. No?... Not a bit?... But... But... Ok, ok, I won't bore you this time with programming nonsense. This time I will bore  you with something else! The very first presence of Freaky Creations on the E3! As developers showing our game! OMG! For those of you who don't know (Hi mom!) the E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo is a yearly videogame event. Publishers and developers and

El “sentimiento intangible”. No es falta de música, sino la misma música, la que hace al músico.

Yacemos en un lugar en donde el bregar por  ideales elevados  y exaltar pasiones hacia una entrega sincera, única en su naturaleza, son violentamente desvalorados y desestimados, tropezando con la incomprensión del entorno y  de su retorcido encanto hacia las  falencias  de una obstinada, agresiva y ajena cultura prácticamente inexistente en la que vivimos. Donde el ser efímero y no perpetuar lo transitorio, es lograr el objetivo común para muchos.   Es ahí donde empezó

30 Jan 2014


Greetings variably adorable readers. My name is Juan Andrés Pérez, senior artist and character animator at Freaky Creations. So, today I'm writing about the difficulties I've experienced in animating in 2D for a video-game rather than a 2D cartoon. Well, I'm a self-taught animator, I've been animating for about three/ four years now, mainly focusing on 2D frame to frame animation, before that, I did illustration, mainly comics. I started learning animation when a small