15 Apr 2015

To Leave’s animations: the performance

Hello folks, we are going to continue talking about the work the Freaky team does, but today we are focusing on the animations inside To Leave. For those who have tested the game recently, you could’ve noticed how sometimes a scene with so many little animated objects in-game can run so smooth on PS Vita, well, it wasn’t so easy. It took learning some basic guidelines about how animations work, 3D animations, 2D animations, understanding

19 Dec 2013

Using Object Pools in Unity3D: Why and how. (kind of).

Hello Freaky Readers! My name is Javier Ron. I am the graphics and interface programmer here at Freaky Creations. I will tell you a tale; but not just some tale, it's a progamming tale, it's a tale about a game programming team that did not use something called "Object Pools", and it goes like this: Their game was running very slowly and they died. The end.