Hello everyone! Javier here! Please, there’s no need to hide it, I know you’ve missed me. No?… Not a bit?… But… But… Ok, ok, I won’t bore you this time with programming nonsense. This time I will bore  you with something else! The very first presence of Freaky Creations on the E3! As developers showing our game! OMG!

For those of you who don’t know (Hi mom!) the E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo is a yearly videogame event. Publishers and developers and manufacturers gather to show all their new stuff: Games, accessories, bundles, consoles, you name it. It is usually held at California, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It is the most important videogame event of the year.

It all started when Mike Foster, our Sony’s Account Manager, told us that there was this opportunity to show To Leave on the E3 on PS Vita, and we were just dying to take it. Most of us on Freaky are gamers, and the E3 is one of those events that we have watched over the years (and over the internet, of course), always waiting and preying on the news about the new games and the new consoles and the new everything that those guys have to say or show. But this time it was different: For the first time we were going to be there, in the biggest and most exclusive videogame event, and not only that, we were going to show To Leave, our first and loved game, to the world.

Then came the tough part, optimize the game to make it run nicely on a PS Vita, but if I tell you about it, I’m going to need about 3 more posts to finish, so we better leave that for another occasion. Then we sent our demo to Mike, and told him to count us in. What we didn’t knew was that Sony made us part of the PlayStation booth and put us along with the other games that would be playable for the three days that the event lasted.

Then things started to get a little bit more crazy. A video production team from Sony flew all the way here to Guayaquil and to our office to film us: Interviews and some footage of us in our natural habitat. While this was happening we were surprised by something else: Freaky Creations was going to be an important part of the PlayStation Latam Press Conference.


So the day came and Jorge and I took off to Los Angeles. It was very busy and tired since the moment we arrived, everything happened so fast, interviews, meetings, more filming… And as someone from our team said, we are so deep into our work that someone else has to come and tell us that what we are living right now is awesome, and this kind of happened there, while watching the banners outside the Convention Center, and then we realized where we were, making us feel excited and terrified at the same time.

Our objective was clear, we wanted to see the people playing our game, their reactions, the look in their faces, their way of playing, and after that talk to them, ask them about the game, what did they think of it? Did they love/hate it? Would they buy it? But that would have to wait until the next day when the show started.

That day, though, was PlayStation’s international Press Conference, to which we were invited and we really went only to see the new games and stuff of PlayStation. This was held at a place called the Memorial Sports Arena, and outside, there was a really big reception, there you could meet developers and lots of people from the industry and what’s more important, you could have ALL THE BEER YOU WANTED, FOR FREE. And because I arrived kind of late, I could only have 2 Coronas. :/


Then the event started and everything was awesome, but somewhere they started talking about support for indie game developers and then To Leave’s logo appeared on the screen along with the logos from all of the other games, although it was kind of small, and appeared for a few seconds only, I was like “OMGOMG! Jorge look!” and then Jorge was like “OMGOMG! Javier Look!”, we just couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the press conference.




The next day, the E3 itself started, and we were there as we were supposed to (Sony’s people kept filming Jorge for some reason) and it was all crazy, people were rushing trying to get from their favourite game’s booth to their other favourite game’s booth to that other booth with that game that looked fantastic and so on. Somehow we managed to get to Sony’s booth to find To Leave.
To see our hard work condensed there, the work of each and one of the 12 siblings that make Freaky Creations, was something that moved me deeply, I wished we all were there to see and feel what I saw and felt.

That same day was the LatAm Press Conference, and before it there was another reception. I had 3 Coronas that time. I sure was getting used to it. From all the more than a hundred development companies in Latin America, Sony featured only four of them: Green Lava Studios from Costa Rica, IguanaBee from Chile, Bamtang Games from Peru and us. We were the only ones to be interviewed and documented on our office, so a really nice video about where we came from and where we’ve got to, and where we want to be was displayed on the conference.




Sony made the announcement that they look to support and empower our region’s developers and consumers. We are very happy to make part of this Latin American community that Sony is supporting, and we would really like to see more Ecuadorian development studios among us, we believe that there is more than enough skill and potential to make this happen. The rest of the days that the E3 lasted we were close to To Leave’s stand, watching people playing and experience it, and then talking with them. We also got in touch with some old friends that Jorge has made in this kind of events. They all enjoyed To Leave in one way or another. We got mostly good responses and great feedback from the players. I can honestly say that everything went down pretty well, and we left Los Angeles very happy about it.

I’d like to send a very big thank you to all the people that were cheering and supporting us while we where there. See you the next time!


  • Jean Duarte

    E3 is a living dream! I still remember the very first time i was there and how amazing it was! I so sad that i couldn’t go this year to see the “Freaky team” and to play To Leave on PS Vita. The game is amazing, you guys deserve the success! I’ll be waiting the launch of the game!! Congratulations!!

    • Estefano Palacios

      Thanks Jean for your support! And you are right! Jorge and Javier tell me E3 is mesmerizing!

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