To Leave


By using his treasured flying Door, young Harm struggles to leave behind his sophisticating life in the ravenous megalopolis of Pyre, who now in turn seeks to devour him.

Some Awesome Press Links

– “To Leave is one of the neatest games I played during the GDC (2014)” – Steven Hansen, <Destructoid>.

– “6 Refreshing Indie Games New to The PlayStation Network” -Tom Mc Shea, <Gamespot>.

– “The best five indie games at PlayStation Experience” – Brett Makedonski, <Destructoid>.

– “To Leave shows fear and excitement of escape” – Tom Mc Shea, <IGN>.


To Leave is Freaky Creations first game, and has been in development since June 2012.

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But, there’s a catch!

Harm’s Door is very delicate! Even the slightest touch against seemingly harmless things and, whoosh!, the Door will burst open, absorbing Harm and setting him back, sometimes to the loss of all progress, and right into the very life he fought so hard to leave behind.

Still, Harm will always keep trying to leave, for memory of his life in Pyre will keep propelling him to start again, until he’s able overcome all adversity, and finally break free…


Release Date: TBA

Platforms: working on versions for Windows, MAC, Linux and the PlayStation®Network.







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