22 Jan 2015

Taking it for granted

A bunch of things are surrounding my mind right now, but there is always something that keeps coming up. It mostly comes up by other people asking me, what happens after To Leave? I think we usually take this answer for granted.

10 Jan 2015

Sounds of the Goddess

To Leave is a game of hard challenges and surprises, each level is an experience connected directly with the human being, and a part that reinforce that experience is the audio. We evolve from the typical loops with conventional music and sounds, to the possibility of making our own sounds from its atomic structure, that´s like feeling like a God, isn't it? :D It feels almost indescribable pleasure when the ambience sounds are created and

El “sentimiento intangible”. No es falta de música, sino la misma música, la que hace al músico.

Yacemos en un lugar en donde el bregar por  ideales elevados  y exaltar pasiones hacia una entrega sincera, única en su naturaleza, son violentamente desvalorados y desestimados, tropezando con la incomprensión del entorno y  de su retorcido encanto hacia las  falencias  de una obstinada, agresiva y ajena cultura prácticamente inexistente en la que vivimos. Donde el ser efímero y no perpetuar lo transitorio, es lograr el objetivo común para muchos.   Es ahí donde empezó