A bunch of things are surrounding my mind right now, but there is always something that keeps coming up. It mostly comes up by other people asking me, what happens after To Leave? I think we usually take this answer for granted. And that is because, since Freaky Creations was only two guys, with an overdose of Coca Cola, talking about how to make games someday and playing Halo all night, it was clear for us that Freaky Creations should continue, bringing unique experiences to the players for decades and on.


So when I hear this question done to me, or to other member of Freaky Creations, my mind tells me, well isn’t that obvious? Of course it isn’t, because we haven’t been open about this.

With To Leave we have learned a lot regarding how to connect with the player with a strong and meaningful theme. This is what we always wanted our games to do, so I think that the initial doubt of how to do that is somewhat covered. But since we want to be able to create this new perspective on how games can be more than mere entertainment, we need to do more than one game.

This will let us accomplish our company’s mission statement:

To create the most fantastic interactive storytelling experiences;
experiences charged with ideas that enrich players’ lives, and enlighten their minds and spirits.This is something that Freaky Creations will live by each and every day. So for everyone that follow us, I want to tell you that, after To Leave launches, we’ll be here, doing what we love the most. We’ll be here giving support To Leave in any way it needs and creating new experiences for you to dive in and explore. We’ll be here until we are dry of ideas and hopefully the Coca Cola addiction haven’t destroyed too much of our brains so that doesn’t arrive too early.

We already have some new games under our sleeves, but to talk about that without me needing to silence each and every one of you that reads this post, gangster silence style of course, some time needs to pass and some things need to happen first. To Leave being launched is one of those things for example.

To Leave is just the beginning and as we go by this year, we’ll let you know how it progresses towards the end goal of having it complete. And as Freaky Creations evolves and grows, which will happen in some way sometime soon, more of that later on, we hope that you stay with us and enjoy the ride, as much as we enjoy having you guys on board.