We are very pleased because of the acceptance we had in Centro de Convenciones, hundreds of boys and girls from high schools in the city tested our game and were impressed by the art, sound environment and gameplay including the fact that a multidisciplinary team like ours is developing something so great in the country.

Some of them remembered that more than one year ago we were in that place showing a first version of “To Leave” in Play Tech Event and they were very surprised when they realized about the radical change of the game from such occasion to the present.

The expressions from the teenagers while they were playing said much more than they could comment, also they were so interested in us that when our presentation cards were over they did not mind taking a time to write down our contact information and tell us – in a very excited way – that they were going to register for the testing.

For all of them our sincere thanks by supporting in this event as well as making to grow our reach in the social networks. Some of you commented us about being part of video game development and Freaky Creations someday, so we say to them that in the future you could have the opportunity and you know, study hard, prepare yourself, do not be stuck with the knowledge form your high school or college, everything depends on you and be creative, highly creative.