To Leave


By using his treasured flying Door, young Harm struggles to leave behind his sophisticating life in the ravenous megalopolis of Pyre, who now in turn seeks to devour him.

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– “To Leave shows fear and excitement of escape” – Tom Mc Shea, <IGN>.


To Leave is Freaky Creations first game, and has been in development since June 2012.

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But, there’s a catch!

Harm’s Door is very delicate! Even the slightest touch against seemingly harmless things and, whoosh!, the Door will burst open, absorbing Harm and setting him back, sometimes to the loss of all progress, and right into the very life he fought so hard to leave behind.

Still, Harm will always keep trying to leave, for memory of his life in Pyre will keep propelling him to start again, until he’s able overcome all adversity, and finally break free…


Release Date: TBA

Platforms: working on versions for Windows, MAC, Linux and the PlayStation®Network.







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Developer Blog

15 Apr 2015

To Leave’s animations: the performance

Hello folks, we are going to continue talking about the work the Freaky team does, but today we are focusing on the animations inside To Leave. For those who have tested the game recently, you could’ve noticed how sometimes a scene with so many little animated objects in-game can run

1 Apr 2015

To Leave’s environments: From Concept to Game

Within Freaky Creations they have decided to share a bit the process that the team has followed so far, and still does, to create a videogame like To Leave. During the following weeks we’ll leave aside public events and personal experiences to focus exclusively in their work. How they take




Freaky Creations is an independent game development studio based in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The studio was officially founded on March 2012 by 12 Ecuadorian developers, a team that remains intact to this day.

The goal for each of our games is to expose players to seldom explored areas of the human condition. We want our games’ themes to be unlike anything found in the rest of the industry, exploring through them human experiences such as loneliness, freedom, egotism, addiction, psychopathy, obsession, mania, chauvinism, and so on. We want to do full justice to each one of these outlying themes, to the best of our abilities, in a way that feels artful but entertaining.

Freaky Creations is currently involved in a production contract with ESPOL (Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral), and holds offices inside the campus, within CTI (Centro de Tecnologías de Información) – PARCON (Parque del Conocimiento), an area destined to the development and commercialization of technology and scientific research.


Through this alliance with ESPOL, Freaky Creations seeks to be a catalyzer for the game development industry in our home country, Ecuador.

Freaky Creations is part of the PlayStation Latin American Incubation Program which, among other things, helps passionate game developers with PlayStation development kits, learning resources, and a variety opportunities to give exposure to their games in the international scene.

Ermitaño Records, lead by Carlos Bohorquez of the Mamá Soy Demente fame, is helping Freaky Creations with the recording and production of the game’s music and sound effects.

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Visits can be done, and mails can be addressed, at the following location:

Freaky Creations
Km. 30.5 Vía Perimetral
ESPOL, Campus Gustavo Galindo Velasco
Edificio CTI – PARCON
090112 Guayaquil, Ecuador

Freaky Creations Location